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We provide various contractors combined insurance packages depending on individual client needs, but we have also developed a contractors combined policy with our partner insurers that provides a level of cover which is probably the widest currently available and includes as standard the following benefits:

  • Most importantly claims service - its simply first class, and insurers try to deal with all claims rather than trying to avoid dealing with them
  • Statement of fact basis - no lengthy proposal forms to complete
  • No Height or Depth limits
  • Automatic 30 day JCT 6.5.1 / 21.2.1 Non Negligence extension whilst you provide insurers with full details if requested by a contract
  • A standard contract works limit of £2,500,000 for any one contract irrespective of turnover so flexibility for larger contracts
  • Non adjustable premiums - no end of year declarations or additional premiums to pay
  • No bona fide subcontractor warranty - this is of vital importance as explained below
  • Full Commercial Legal Expenses cover including contract and debt recovery
  • Construction Safety Risk Audit online facility
  • Financial Loss Cover (tort)

With regards to bona fide subcontractors (supply and fix) we always recommend that you ensure they have adequate insurance in place with limits at least equal to your own. This is simply good practice and we are sure you do this as standard. However most, if not all, standard contractors policies have endorsements which state that if in the event of a claim your subcontractor does not have valid insurance in place, then the insurer will not provide cover.

Our main contractors policy has no such warranty and therefore you are fully covered should this situation arise. This may seem a small point but it is very common for a main contractor to be held responsible for the actions of subcontractors and without this added protection this could have far reaching financial consequences in the event of a claim.

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